9 things you need to know about debts

The management of your money is one of the most difficult obstacles in the lifetime of students, in particular, on average

And while life as a student includes an abundance of steep learning curves, unfortunately, not all can be taught in lecture theaters or found in textbooks

It is unlikely that your course will include any modules on how to avoid debt or how

A simple debt manual

The student loan is different

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While we firmly believe that tuition fees are too high, I fully understand how frightening to know that your degree is cost to you in thousands. But it's worth knowing that under the Grander programme, your student loan debt is not worth worrying about

Your student loan is likely to be

If you don't have a job at any point

Oh, that's worth knowing

If you need a little more confidence in why you shouldn't worry too much about the student loan

Some debts will affect your credit rating

A bad credit rating can affect all sorts of important things, from mortgage applications to decision-making

The minimum payments will not be paid off your debt

This amount will usually be sufficient to cover interest, but it is unlikely to be enough to make any dent in the balance, which means you will fight for it to extinguist all of this

To pay more and higher than the minimum amount (the more you can stretch to pay now, the less you will pay interest in time) or, even better,

Avoiding payment of wages

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Payroll loans may sound fast if you just need some extra money at the end of the month, but they do

Danny Chatham took out a loan of £ 100, when he was at the university, but ten years and a few more loans later, he was

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Your first student overdraft might feel a little bit like you

As soon as you're done, it's probably yours

Make sure you're transferred to grad school, otherwise you will have to dissipate the side of commission commission. Remember, you don't have to be loyal. You have to

Housewives aren't always reliable

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Relocation to a new home as a student can be an exciting time, but

If you are a responsible type, you can be nominated as nominated to make the necessary phone calls for the registration of the bill, or even to be the only housewife responsible for collecting money from all and paying the bills on behalf of the house

However, it is worth knowing that if you are the only housewife named in the accounts, unfortunately, you will be the one who will look for if the payments fall

Keep tracking your expenses

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It may be irritable if you're trying very hard to get rid of the credit card debts, but you don't seem to get anywhere

-For a while

Remember that not all debts are equal

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If you have several different debts, it is important to determine the priorities that need to be paid first. The easiest way to work it out

Failure to pay for rent may cause you to be evicted, and

Credit debts, such as credits, maps and overdrafts, are at the back of the queue-payment of these loans is important (and the missing payments will mean yours

I'll look for a debt board if it's hard

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If you're trying to deal with the debt, don't suffer in silence! Ours

The next step is to see what support is available on campus. All universities have a certain support service for students (although they may have a different name). If your mute thinks that your financial difficulties jeopardize your research, they can help you with a grant from the Learning Access Foundation

Charitable organizations for debt also provide free and impartial advice. Stepchange is free