How to ask your friends for the money they owe you

Dean Dobot

There's nothing worse than asking for cash from an assistant when you're too good to feed yourself ... Oh, no, wait, we need to ask the assistant you know

To ask for money from friends may be a terrible and awkward situation, but, whatever it is, it makes you a squirrel, of course, it can't be worse than being out of your pocket when you are

With this in mind, here are some tips from us on how to ask your friends to pay off their debts!

Before you lend your friend

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Maybe a little late to discuss it now, if you already borrowed your friend's cash, but think about it as advice about future references (or

Before you break up with your cash, carefully consider the following factors, because it can save you a lot of the future

Can you really afford to break up with the cash?

Friends ' credits can be particularly tough if you're a student-it's hard enough

If you do not agree on maturities, you do not know when your assistant will be able to return you, so you must be sure that you are in a situation where you can survive without this cash for a relatively long time

Think about why you're borrowing money

If you're gonna borrow your girlfriend just to show them that you care about their friendship, and you want to make sure they're okay, our advice would be, don't do it

Although this is unbelievable in person for you, you can't do it as the main reason for giving them cash (unless you can honestly say you won't mind if you never see the cash again)

You put it like this to think of a situation when your friend can't pay you back, and you have to ask them all the time. This can put a load on your friendship and may have a negative impact, so you can remember the risks associated with it

Why do they want money?

We can all agree that it's probably all right to give his help a few pounds to help them pay for the rent. But why are they asking you for money?

If they just want to spend money on

Have they explored other options?

We are kind of stating the obvious here, but borrowing from friends is not the only solution to the problem with cash

Except for these

Although they certainly should, definitely

You trust this man to get you back?

If we're talking about friends, you're probably automatically gonna believe that you can trust them to get you back ... because they're your assistant

But remember, if someone was particularly

Do you know if they borrowed from a friend before? Did they pay them? Think about it before you take anything

Please return the money

Do not stand up for confrontation

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If you really appreciate your friendship, then you won't be confrontational when you ask for your cash. You can be irritable, which will come to this, but you can say goodbye to your friendship, as well as money, if you're being rude about it

You obviously have a good heart and a compassionate character, if you have offered to borrow money first of all-remind yourself of it, since you are most likely to come out of the situation unharmed if you manage to keep a cool head about it

No one likes to ask for money, and it is safe to say that no one likes to ask for it! Although you may not see it, it is

Instead of hiding with the bomb "gimme my money back," try to lift some hints here and first-something like, "I'm sorry, I can't come to the pub tonight, I'm too small."

If your friend is sharp enough, they should be able to give you hints, and you can avoid this terrible conversation. It's worth a try!

Highlight your financial position

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Again, as above, you can make your friend more aware of your own situation and encourage them to be a little more sensitive

If you're both students, they'll understand that

Bring it in writing

Depending on how you prefer to do things, debating credit and borrowing issues can sometimes be a little bit easier if you do it with text or e-mail

This means that you can not only be drowned out of the unease of security of your computer or phone screen, but also for this

You can even try sending a money request via PayPal or if you have Gmail by pressing the currency symbol at the bottom of the message (which links you to Google Wallet)

Depending on the particular situation and the amount of money that your friend initially borrowed from you, it could make the situation a little less stressful if you offer them a few political parties like you

So you can start to see at least some of your cash again, and it will show your friend that you really sympathize with their position

Add a sense of urgency

Adding a sense of urgency to your request will help your friend to understand this

" I'm sorry for asking, but I really need the money to be paid

Play their own game

It's kind of a little bit etiquette, but it could be a treat!

We can assume that the next time you walk out in a bar or restaurant with your debit

Put it down just so you don't have cash on you, and since they owe you money anyway, will they not pay for your share? Take it easy!

Go to your parents

It's a little extreme, but if you're desperate, and you think that the amount of money you owe is quite significant enough to get in touch with the parents of the guilty party, maybe finally put the question on rest

Nobody wants to be known as a tell-tale, but when someone owes you

This may cause permanent damage to your friendship (if it still exists) and there is no guarantee that it will work, but I hope their parents will be able to somehow feel them (or better, give the money themselves)